The Equalizer

Mission of The Equalizer
To provide women in every community with the most effective and practical self-defense training available.

Violence Against Women
Every year, thousands of women are victims of violence. Usually at the hands of someone they know. Every woman must know how to recognize and reduce their risk of becoming a victim and how to effectively resist a physical attack, if necessary. Every woman should be “Prepared in Advance.”

In 2003 there were 2,345,550 reported cases of violent crimes against women. Of those cases, 179,170 were rapes/sexual assults. Roughly, 70% of those sexual assults were committed by non-strangers.

Your First Step
The first step you must take in the area of personal self-defense is to make the decision that you are going to resist and survive a violent attack. Next, participate in the Equalizer program, read the manual and practice the techniques as often as possible. Most of all, believe in yourself.

Why Choose The Equalizer

  • Learn techniques that provide you with skills and confidence.
  • The Equalizer prepares you with the physical ability and mental knowlege to protect yourself.
  • The Equalizer provides students with time tested techniques used by SSGT Certified Law Enforcement in the line of duty.

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